Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we have frequently been asked, expect to be asked, or really wish someone would ask. In order to afford a variety or perspectives, each question has been assigned to one of the members.


Questions and Answers

Question: Are the Little Dot stories based on facts?

Answered by Mr. E. S. Stranger: The Little Dot stories are entirely true. Please refer to the title and foreword for clarification.

Question: Is "Mr. E. S. Stranger" a pseudonym?

Answered by Funny Bunny: You're a pseudonym.

Question (from Toona): What does my foot say?

Answered by Little Dot: Toona, this forum is supposed to be for guests. And your foot says, "I love you."

Question (from Toona): Oh, that's nice. How does it know?

Question: How frequent are these "frequently asked questions"?

Answered by Zoyla: Since this site's inception, the number of questions has grown at an exponential rate from month to month.

Question: So, zero questions so far?

Answered by Zoyla: Yup.