The Entirely True Adventures of Little Dot


All that follows, and everything that comes after it, is entirely true--particularly the impossible parts. Anyone who says otherwise is hereby challenged to describe, to his or her own satisfaction, exactly how all these events did in fact take place. It is impossible, unthinkable, and relatively unlikely that a better narrative of the life of Little Dot will ever be told.

Who is Little Dot, you ask? Read on and find out.

Little Dot's Theme Song

Little Dot Makes Funny Bunny

Little Dot Meets the Man in the Closet

Little Dot and the Dog that Thinks He's a Horse

Little Dot Meets a Toona Bear

Little Dot Has a Birthday

Little Dot Gets Sick

Little Dot Has Christmas

Little Dot and the Buck-Toothed Fairy

Little Dot Goes House Hunting

Little Dot and the Singing Frog

Little Dot Starts a Business

Little Dot Saves a Bilby

Little Dot's Big Garden

Little Dot vs. Germs

Little Dot Cleans Her Room

A Day in the Life of a Big, Hairy Gorilla

Little Dot and the Spiffyware Empire

Little Dot Goes Running

Tuesday with Funny Bunny and Toona

Little Dot and the Problem with Sleep

And There Were Also Guinea Pigs

Little Dot, Queen of the Sunflowers

Little Dot's Bakery

Stories That Aren't About Little Dot

Bird Story

Seanna, Empress of the Newts Episode Pi: The Army of Bob

Seanna and the ATTACK of the DERANGED Mutant Ninja Zombie KILLER Monster Vampire Werewolf HAMSTERS

Other Music


A Story of the Light